Abaton was one of my favorite projects. A series of applets combining Art Therapy methods and Generative Art techniques, it was designed as a classroom tool for autistic teenagers. It combined JAVA and javascript into excecutables which the user controlled using a mouse or stylus.


Long understood as a way to express emotion, the color applet created an abstract image as the user drew.
abatonartwork_0013_Layer 4 abatonartwork_0011_Layer 15

Line And Story

This applet used line only, as it the most common visual story telling method. Each mark created a series of interconnecting lines on the screen.

abatonartwork_0000_Layer 13 abatonartwork_0006_Layer 7 abatonartwork_0010_Layer 16 abatonartwork_0008_Layer 5 abatonartwork_0014_Layer 3


Designed to encourage users to identify their own resources in meditative activities, users controlled a variety of factors to create mesmerizing moving mandalas.
abatonartwork_0009_Layer 17 abatonartwork_0012_Layer 14

Further Development

Two years after the successful launch of the Abaton project we expanded it’s use to workshops outside of the screen. Users printed their creations and continued to develop them using encaustic.
encausticMO2 encaustic-kiss encausticMO7 encausticMO19
Abaton was also featured at the NonFictioNow conference as an example of Generative Art’s storytelling power.