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Design Philosophy

Pretty is great. But understanding the code and it's structure is what allows a designer to excel.

Human Centric

Humans should not be expected to adapt to computers or interfaces. That's backwards.

Color Matters

Take any design and strip it to greyscale. That allows you to see any flaws that might be hard to pin down in color.

Typography counts

More subtle than color, it still carries it's own messages.

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  • "Laurel is an out-of-the-box thinker, with a true grasp of technology."

    Her work is the best I have seen in the industry and has allowed us to captivate, educate and manage our customer experience.

    image UTC Aerospace Systems
  • "Her depth of knowledge and willingness to take on any challenge has been invaluable"

    Designing networks and structures for orphanages in places that don't have reliable access was our biggest technology challenge.

    image Orphan Logistics
  • "We call her our stealth IT department"

    Laurel can work well with anyone in our company, whatever their level of technology comfort. She is an outstanding collaborator who offered us solutions we didn't know were possible.

    image B/E Aerospace
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